Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mexican Cruise on the Carnival Elation

An update on my life wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Mexican cruise I went on right after Graduation. It was pretty much the best vacation EVER. Accordingly some of the best things about the cruise:

Tara, Rachael, Dale, Cohan, me, Brodie, Whitney, and Leisa in the Mikado Lounge

The first day of the cruise, we noticed these four girls several times on the ship (they were stalking us). Finally, at the evening show, we saw them looking for a place, so we just motioned for them to sit by us. We were all instant friends. And what do you know? They all live in Provo.

On the second day of the cruise, we were on the deck and there was a South African chick asking for volunteers. We all went to volunteer without knowing that we were entering the hairy chest competition. It was pretty embarassing... they had us all do this sexy dance, take off our shirt, and then go up on stage. I figured it was going to be awkward anyway, so I had fun with it. The crowd like it enough that I ended up winning second place, even though my chest really isn't that hairy.

I ended up winning the "Name That Song" competition. They played a list of 20 songs. You got a point for guessing the song title, and one for the singer. You could also get extra points if you sang, danced, or did something else embarassing... right, Dale?

This is pic of the boys at dinner with our servers, Sau (from Myanmar) and Edmond (from the Phillipines). They were really funny. The dinners were incredible. Every night we had the choice of some great meals: Salmon, Steak, Duck, Lamb, Veal, etc. We could also pick all the appetizers we wanted every night. We each had about 10 shrimp every night. We also tried a bunch of fruist, escargot, etc. The desserts were awesome too. The other food on the ship was great... they had all-you-can-eat burger bars, pasta, breakfast, etc. It was so great to never have to worry about food.

During Karaoke, Whitney did such a good job that they asked her to be in the cruise ship variety show. She played the role of Aretha Franklin. She sang "Respect", of course.

One day, we just decided to wear our bathrobes all day... with swimming suits under, of course. It was a ton of fun... and, as the cruise went on, we saw more and more people doing it.

Yeah, I ended up throwing up twice while parasailing. Can't say I'm EVER gonna do it again.

While in Ensenada, we got to do some horseback riding. We went for about 30 minutes on the beach there. My horse was totally crazy so that had this Mexican kid named Abram stay walk alongside me the whole time. We crossed past a deal dolphin and seal... pretty crazy.

          This is a pic of us in front of La Bufadora. For those of you that don't speak Espanol... La Bufadora is Spanish for... The Bufadora... Actually it means blowhole. There's only three of 'em in the world (one in Australia, one in Ensenada, and one... somewhere else... I wasn't really listening). The blowhole is created when a bunch of water is trapped in a cave. As the water is trapped, it builds up a lot of pressure until, eventually, the water is blown through the cracks. It can rise up to 120 feet... pretty amazing

          Funny Quotes

          "So... are you guys on a cruise?" (Chick from Iowa that knows Dan Evans)

          "Ladies, and gentlemen... welcome, to the Mikado Lounge." (Stu)

          "Stick around for R-rated, adult humor." (Stu)

          "What time is it, Cohan?" "Holy Cow... it's 10:15" (Steve and Cohan)

          "Holy Crap, guys, we're on a cruise" (All)

          "There's nothing like karaoke... especially when it's from a naked guy in a bathrobe." (Jeff)

          Little Women

          If I haven't told you yet, I'm peforming in the musical, Little Women, at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. It's a ton of fun. It's being directed by Chris Clark and the music/choreography is by Korianne Orton-Johnson. The cast is amazing, most of them are MDT or acting majors at BYU. I'm playing the roles of John Brooke and Braxton Prendergast. Mr. Brooke is the tutor of Laurie, the neighbor. John marries Meg, the oldest of the March sisters. Braxton is the villain in Jo's operatic tragedies, which are probably the funnest part of the show. Here's a couple of pics:

          This is part of the operatic tragedy called: The Weekly Volcano Press

          Meg (Laurel Lowe) and Mr. Brooke (I) performing the song "More Than I Am"